David Butleradded December 29, 2020

So, i decided to get into the Neo Geo Pocket Color, as i didnt grow up with it. I immediately also got a flash cartridge, the Neo Pocket Game Drive by RetroHQ.
When i got this unit, it had the stock unlit screen. I went to Console5, bought their backlight kit, and installed it myself. I used some video tutorials, so it was pretty easy. The only soldering needed was to disconnect the speaker to get the main board out.
The screen has five levels of brightness, and it somehow works through the plastic shell. So i keep it inside the unit and tap the top left corner to change the backlight brightness or turn it off. The screen is only about 3/4 the size of the original. It would be better if it was full size, buy apparently it scales everything correctly, and it is apparently the best option right now. Im not very experienced with the console, so i can only say that it looks good to me.
The chip in the front lens was there when i got it. I did not cause that damage myself. I have left it alone for now. I may see about getting a replacement lens.
I do find it annoying how you have the squish the power button in so hard and hold it to make the system turn on. When i first got the system, i thought it was broken because i didnt realize you had to press and hold.
The other buttons seem to work fine, and the thumbstick is amazing.
The flash cartridge has worked fine with every game i have tried, though the controls are a bit weird. Movement controls for the flash cart menus are mostly done with the joystick, but sometimes you have to hold B to change what the joystick movements do.

underbutlerJanuary 27, 2021

What's the flash cart you got? It doesn't look like a flashmasta or the or the RetroHQ GameDrive

David ButlerFebruary 4, 2021

@underbutler It is RetroHq's Neo Pocket Game Drive.

underbutlerFebruary 4, 2021

@JunkCollector oh, he's changed it since i last looked. He used to do a very different model :)