David Butleradded February 13, 2021

Here we have the MegDuck, a 1990s handheld console that was attempting to bonus off the success of the Nintendo Gameboy. It has a similar black and green screen with similar issues with ghosting. It takes four AA batteries.
It appears to have been marketed as the Mega Duck throughout Europe by the company Creatronic. However, in parts of South America, such as Brazil, it was marketed as the Cougar Boy by the company Cougar Electronic Organization. I dont know if it had a U.S. release. My unit appears to be from the Netherlands.
The ultimate source was a company called Welback-Holdings, a company that produced the consoles in Hong Kong.
Supposedly about 24 games were released for the Mega Duck. Fifteen of these were released for the Cougar Boy variant. Apparently the game code is the same between Mega Duck and Cougar Boy variants, though the cartridges and boxes have different labels.
The console is known for having two display panes that supported parallax scrolling. This meant that you could have a background pane scrolling independent of the main viewing pane.
The external port was for an external joystick for two-player games.
A rare variant of the console was released in the form of an educational laptop, known as the Mega Duck Super Junior computer in Germany and the Super QuiQue in Brazil.