David Butleradded March 11, 2021

This is an Arduino kit sold by adwaterandstir. It is a fully-functional replica of the Altair 8800 computer from 1974. This is different from the more well-known Altair 8800 Clone.
The front panel width and height is almost the same size. The original was 17" by 7", which the replica is 15" by 6". The depth is quite different, since they didnt have to have rows of card-slots. The original was 18", while the replica is 6".
The case is acrylic, instead of the original metal case. However, the colors and shapes are faithful to the original.
The back has a serial port for conbecting a serial terminal, a DB-15 port for VGA video, and a USB port for loading programs.
There are a few built in programs. Just like real Altair 8800, you can run a program that creates interference, which can be picked up by an AM radio. This is how you play music through an Altair 8800. You can also play the most basic version of pong on the front panel lights. There are other programs as well, but i haven't done much with it.
The kit costs $250 before tax and shipping.

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