David Butleradded March 19, 2021

So, here is an interesting variation. In the U.S., we got "The MBA", with its fancy cursive writing. However, in Europe, they called in the "TI-42 MBA".
MBA of course stands for Master's in Business Administration, which is a graduate-level degree. That seems to have been the target audience, as it has more advanced functions than the original Business Analyst. It is also one of the few TI calculators to use the Brown housing instead of black. The European variant apparently came on the market in Germany on January 13, 1978 for 295 DM.
It is the same as the U.S. version on the inside. However, this European variant seems to be much rarer, as it took me awhile to track one down. It appears to be fully working. However, it used a long-ruined rechargeable pack that took two nickel-cadmium cells and jumped the voltage from 2.4V to 9V. Ihad to replace that with a regular 9V.