David Butleradded March 27, 2021

This is the Hartung Game Master, a handheld game console released in 1990 to try to compete with the Nintendo Gameboy. It was rebranded under many names, such as the Hartung Game Tronic, the Video Jet Game Master, and the Systema 2000.
I have been after one of these units for awhile. However, all variants are very rare. I have seen an unboxed unit put up for sale for over $400. I have seen BNIB units put up for sale at $800. In the past, i have seen a boxed unit with a somewhat messed up screen sell for about $200. And those are the only ones i have seen for sale over the past few months.
I got this one for $40 because it was in bad condition and untested. I have no battery covers, and the battery compartments are rusty. I have no plastic slider for the power switch.
When i tried it on batteries, it did not work. I opened it up to clean and repair it. However, midway through that, i realized that it actually did work on the power adapter.
However, the connector between the screen board and the main board was damaged. Oddly, they used an IC socket that was cut in half, as opposed to a proper male and female pin header. I can't badmouth them for that however, as i did not have a male and female pin header that was low profile enough. Thus, i cut a socket in the same manner.
I also replaced the wires going from the board to the spear and batteries. That was odd too, as the board had through-hole connection points, but they just tacked the wire on one side.
It does work now, mostly. I can plug it into a power adapter and get it to play games off my multi-cart. However, the speaker doesn't work. I think i broke it. The headphone output is fine, so the unit is still great for playing games. The screen is also in excellent condition.
Im really glad to have one of these. With other similar consoles, like the Mega Duck, Supervision, and Gamate, there is good emulation out there. However, the emulation is still bad for this one.

AdamMarch 27, 2021

Great find, despite the issues it has 😅