David Butleradded April 14, 2021

So, i bought this cassette player off someone in Ukraine. Im listing it as Eastern Bloc rather than Soviet, as i haven't been able to identify a date, so i don't know if it was actually made under the USSR. I saw a marking on the csse that might have been 1987, and i saw a marking on the board that might be 1991.
Anyway, this is a cheap portable stereo. You can tell that because it has three buttons. We get Play, Fast Forward, and Stop. No rewinding allowed. The portable player itself runs on four AA batteries. It just about works, but i plan to replace the belts, as it has poor ratings of wow and flutter.
You can plug it into a docking station. This is supposed to allow you to use four C cells instead. However, something is wrong here. We have spring terminals on both sides of each row. One pair connects to a plug that plugs into the player. The other pair conbects to nothing, not even each other. So, we have no circuit. Was this a factory defect, or just incompetent design?
And then we have two pairs of speakers. The smaller pair slot onto the sides of the dovking station. There is a drawer on the station that reveals the plug and socket for the power, as well as one of the headphone ports. This lets you hide the power and speaker cables when using the dock. The unit has a second headphone port for use outside of the dock. The second pair of speakers don't clip on, though they appear to have some sort of keyholing for wall mounting or mounting on stands. They are bigger than the ones that attach to the dock.
It looks like the bigger speakers were reusing a mold from some powered speakers, as there is a hole and markings for a volume knob. On this version, there is nothing but blank plastic.