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"Vintage" is an overused and abused word these days. People use it for anything they've had for longer than ten minutes. But this jacket really is vintage. It's 15 years old and was part of the final lines to be still made in England before Aquascutum changed its manufacturing arrangements.
"Aquascutum" is Latin for 'water shield'. The brand dates back to 1850 and was the first in the world to come up with a way for waterproofing wool. Everyone thinks Aquascutum got its big break when it made trench coats for officers in World War 1 but that's not correct - it was actually the Crimean War where the quality of its officers coats was noticed and made it a popular brand in Britain when the war ended, though the later World War 1 did have the same effect, as it did also for Burberry.
The 1980s saw Aquascutum become a favorite of the football hooligans in the UK due to its heritage and its sheer expense. Burberry was also hugely popular but for me and a lot of people Aquascutum was preferable because it was less obvious than Burberry and only people who were in the know were into it, whereas Burberry got played out.
So, this jacket. I bought this in the Aquascutum store on St Ann's Square Manchester 15 years ago, now long since closed down. Aquascutum was bought out by Japanese owners and the garments are now made overseas. For me they don't compare to the Made In England quality.
Condition overall is good. Structurally the jacket is perfect. The house check under the collar is a nice touch aswell
RRP was £220 - Got this at auction for just £20. That's an incredible price for a very, very well made coat from a brand of such distinguished history.
Supreme® also collaborated with Aquascutum on this model jacket in their FW16 collection.

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KegaariyoDecember 26, 2016

@JKickzHH Nice🙏🏻i'll check it out

Matthew ParsonsDecember 27, 2016

Such a nice cop! Might have to further research the brand myself.

KegaariyoDecember 27, 2016

@MattTheSasquatch Thanks 🙏🏻🙂
I think its such a facinating heritage brand, so steeped in history.
Highsnobiety got it right with this article: