KegaariyoMarch 11, 2019
Matthew ParsonsMarch 11, 2019

The bill on the hood doesn’t do it for me. Love the color though.

KegaariyoMarch 12, 2019

I also really like that color.
Stone Island are imo the best with colors.
Everthing is done in-house, and they dont have to rely on extern fabric company’s.
I was looking at buying the shorts.
But at 200 Euro’s...!?
Big fan of both brands, but this collab might be a pass for me.
The Riot Jacket i already have, the vest i like, but i got a better one last season.
And the rest..
Like you said.. This collection is not doing a lot for me.

Baptiste BeauvilainMarch 12, 2019

Proxy available here