Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded September 29, 2016

(DECLUTTERED: there is no need for me to have this in my life.). This lip plumper sample came in my September 2016 Ipsy bag. This stuff is INTENSE!!! It causes quite a bit of discomfort...and yet I don't really notice any plumping! The "gloss" is really pretty in the tube. It looks like an iridescent Opal and smells like a tutti-fruity bubble gum. The scent (or the sensation) does cause me to salivate a bit...which is never cute! The applicator is an easy-to-use doe foot. I wanted this product to work, but there is just a lot of slow suffering for nothing in return. I wish the opal was more prominent, then at least you would have a pretty gloss!!! Lip swatch pictures show when first applied and then after the "burning" has stopped (do you notice a difference!?!?). No arm swatch since I don't really want to burn my skin!!!


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Lip Injection Extreme

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