Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded September 29, 2016

(DECLUTTERED: love the formula, not a fan of the shade). This lipstick sample came in my September 2016 Sephora Play bag. The shade is a baby pink that leans a little purple and has a glossy shimmer. I like the little silver bullet, it is very sleek, but it does not have the shade name anywhere on the packaging. The formula is nice and creamy, easy to apply and smells slightly of cotton candy. The lasting power is not amazing (similar to a tube of Maybelline lipstick) but this may also be the fault of the light shade too since there is no chance of any staining. I am not a fan of light pinks on my lips but I am going to hold onto this little guy because it is so small and it won't go to, it is not the worst light pink shade I have ever tried. I most likely won't reach for it much, but it is always good to keep one little pink lipstick around "just in case".




Rouge Shine Lipstick Sample

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Love Spell

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