Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded October 2, 2016

My BFF asked me to grab her a bottle of this next time I was at the beauty section...and I grabbed myself one too to try it out. Wow, these drops really work!!!! I am really impressed! You use the dropper and let one tiny little drop land on your just-painted nails. It is cool feeling, though when you get it on your skin it doesn't feel wet at all! It is the weirdest sensation! The liquid is very quickly absorbed into the polish and once the cooling sensation is totally gone (a matter of seconds), your nail polish is dry!!! Not totally goof-proof, if you bang your nail it will still leave a divot. But you are good to go and add the next coat! This made doing my nails so much faster and they look so much better because I usually destroy them before they ever dry!!! I can't tell if this makes the polish chip faster or not last as long...but it doesn't matter to me! This stuff is a game-changer!!!

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