Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded October 21, 2016

Bought this palette on HauteLook because it looks like it would make a more versatile on-the-go palette than the Lorac Pro To Go palette. First warned, these blushes are CRAZY pigmented!!! Use a very light hand or else it is clown-city! The shadows are the powdery but amazing quality and easy-to-work-with that one expects with Lorac shadows! Of all the powders, the highlight and the bronzer have the least amount of staying power on my oily skin. The highlight is my least me it looks a little chunky and does not apply very even. The shades are (top row): a champagne highlight, a satin dusty rose, a metallic rose gold, a matte chocolate brown, and a shimmery deep rose blush. (Bottom row) an amazingly soft and pigmented matte black (!!), a satin denim blue, a shimmery copper (a bit chunky also), a matte coral pink blush, and a subtle cooler-toned Bronzer (that is buildable). The shades don't have names assigned to them. I love using the blue and the black as eyeliners (have I mentioned how much I love this black shade!?!?). I am still struggling to make the blushes work, though the Rose shade is very pretty...they are just super pigmented to the point of difficulty. The metallic shades can be chunky but look beautiful on the lids. I wish the highlight was better, the bronzer lasted a bit longer, and I am missing a good matte cream shade for my brow bone highlight. But it is a great palette nonetheless and I am happy I bought it! The packaging itself is beautiful, there is a very nice sized mirror, and is the typical sturdy cardboard with a magnet closure that Lorac tends to use.

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