Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded January 27, 2017

(UPDATE: the more I use this palette, the more disappointed I am in it. The pigmentation is not great and there is so much fall out! Serious bummer!!) This palette is SUPER tiny!!! In the pictures I show it next to my Starbucks Card (typical credit card size) and the palette is only a hair bigger than it. Seems like it is almost not worth the money when each pan is the same size of the top 1/3 of my pinky (and I have tiny baby fingers)! But these shades called to me because they are so cool and light and girly...and I am a sucker for mini things!!! The palette smells delicious or white chocolate (as one expects from a Too Faced palette)! The shades are nice and have ok pigmentation, but they are very powdery and have a decent amount of fall out. This is not the same amazing quality that you get in the full-sized Chocolate Bar palettes. But the variation is great and you can get some very sweet everyday looks from the palette. Plus, the size is great for travel! The packaging is sturdy white plastic w/pink and gold writing, a great sized mirror, 11 tiny pans, a strong snap closure, and the shade names printed on the back. Don't worry, you can get your brush into the pans just fine. The shades are: Glaze (a matte cream, makes a good brow highlight on my pale skin), Ambrosia (a matte peach), Exotica (a beautiful shimmery rose-gold), Pearl Candy (a super shimmery white...this one is fallout city!!!), Raspberry Rose (a pink shimmer that needs to be built up), Indulge (a shimmery taupe that also need serious building), Guilt-Free (a beautiful matte taupe), Cake Batter (an orange-creamcicle matte), Cookie Dough (Matte light chocolate brown with gold glitter...can be used as crease color.), Sugared Raisin (a beautiful shimmer penny w/quite a bit of fall-out), and Black Sugar (an opaque matte black with unnecessary silver glitter). If you are a fan of Too Faced, it is a fun palette...but I would not recommend it if you are looking for a good basics palette (th

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Mini 11-Pan Palette


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_asw006February 9, 2017

I like it !!