Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded February 14, 2017

This primer sample came in my December 2016 Ipsy bag. Package states: "primer helps shield against damage caused be HEV & the impact of IR light, while also aiding in Vitamin D synthesis. This stuff looks so weird right out of the tube!!! It is a slate grey (almost black) shade that you would not necessarily want to put all over your face! But, once it is blended into the skin (I used my fingers, like I do with all primers), it is clear and unnoticeable. There is a bit of a glow left on the skin...this is more of an illuminating primer. The feel of it as it soaks into the skin is WONDERFUL!!! It is so smooth and cooling and doesn't leave any film or texture behind. As a primer, it seems to be typical, not disappointing in the least! I am pleasantly shocked at how much I really enjoyed using this primer!!! I first arm swatch is right out of the container, the second is it blended in.

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