Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded February 28, 2017

I have never owned a real nail styling tool (I just used little makeup brushes and bobbie pins). This was only a few $$, so I thought "why not"! The instructions say to use the small end for dots and fine lines and the larger end for applying rhinestones...though you can use it really however you want! This is yet another tool that I need practice with. As you can see in the Nail pictures, I managed to smudge a couple of dots. I found I had an easier time with application with the smaller dotting tool than with the bigger one. I can see, once I have the hang of it, making little flowers with the big dot as the center and little dots all around it as the petals. Maybe I should play around with it more on my toes first (a bigger and steadier surface) and then try again on my nails. Very easy to clean off after use! Totally worth the money, however bad I may be with it!!! 😝




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