Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded March 28, 2017

(DECLUTTERED: too scratchy). This full sized eyeliner came in my March 2017 Ipsy bag. This is a very dry pencil that made me a bit nervous that it would look too chalky...surprisingly it looks pretty good. It is a little scratchy when applying and it did skip when I was drawing on the line, which I had go back and fill in. It is easy enough to build up and it is a pretty pigmented black. It does seem to wear down in spots throughout the I can't say it is the most long lasting. You can smoke out the line VERY easily (see second arm swatch), but that also leads the liner to wear down in random places throughout the day. I would not recommend doing a wing with this because it will smudge in the corners. I will not recommend this liner due to a rough application and it wearing off in odd ways!


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Eye Define Crayon Liner

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