Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded April 3, 2017

I got this cream-glitter as a bonus for buying the 3D Mascara from my friend who sells Younique. She let me choose the shade and I picked this one because it is this weird purple-grey-taupe shade that I thought was different than anything else I have. But all-in-all, this is pretty much a silver/lavender glitter! There is not a ton of color pay-off. But if you are looking for a good glitter that stays in place most of the day, this is a really good option! When I wear this, I layer it over a matte shadow...on the lid ONLY. This does not work in the inner corner or lower lash line because it will go everywhere and by the end of the day you will have silver glitter all over your cheeks! However, it does a great job of sticking to the shadow and staying put on the lids!!! The consistency of this stuff is so weird! It feels like a soft marshmallow fluff! I just get some on my finger and dab it on the lid. I haven't tried applying it with a brush, but my guess is that you will need to use a dense brush to pack it on. I will admit, I am a bit of a fan of this shadow...but you only really need one shade for your collection.

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Splurge Cream Shadow