Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded April 3, 2017

This came as a free-gift-with -purchase from Macy's when I bought my Bobbi Brown Beach set. It is a deluxe size that may last quite a while. The shade is a deep cherry red/berry shades. The formula is on the thick side but it applied nicely, dries down pretty quickly, and feels comfortable on the lips. It has the slightest minty smell. I does transfer a bit (though not as bad as other liquid lipsticks I have tried!)...however it is not very long lasting, maybe 4 hours at most. It does leave a cherry stain on the lips as it wears down, and it wears down evenly. Reapplying does not make the lips look too cakey or junky. In fact, they look smoother!!! It is a bit drying over time though, so the lips may look nice, but they will feel a little rough. My biggest gripe with this is the packaging! It is a plastic tube with an angled plastic applicator top. You have to squeeze the plastic tub to push product out the top...but the tub is not very easy to squeeze and the product is so thick (almost a cream) that it takes a lot of effort to make it come out!!! The angled applicator makes it easy to apply a precise line but the tip gets all mucked up with leftover product. It is just ugly and messy for a product that is so expensive! I would think of putting down $$ on more of these if they repackaged it...because the formula really does make my lips look healthy and beautiful!

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English Rose


Art Stick Liquid Lip Sample


Bobbi Brown