Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded April 3, 2017

I bought the iconic fiber mascara from a friend that sells Younique. I am always looking for more volume and I HATE wearing false lashes, so I thought it was time to give this a try. First off, it is $$$!! And I really don't think anything from Younique (that I have tried at least) is worth the crazy price tag. But I can't say that I hate this product either. I have tried Fiber mascara before and had a horrible time with them! But this one really is different. There is a three-step process for application: gel, fibers, and gel again. You have to move fast to apply the fibers before the Gel sets! This is already too labor-intensive for this lazy girl...but it is doable. The Gel is really nice and I actually wouldn't mind wearing it on its own (I do put it on my lower lashes w/out the fibers). It is black, so you know where you have put it, and the brush has short natural bristles lined in a spiral around the barrel. It is easy to apply and looks really nice on its own. The fibers cover the other wand in the set and it looks like you are about to rub a fuzzy black caterpillar all over your lashes. This is the part I can't tell if anything is really happening? I coat on as much as I can near my lash line and wiggle it all the way to the tips...but the only place the fibers seem to stick is to the ends of my lashes (even though I coated my entire lash with the Gel). So I end up with some crazy length but not a whole lot of volume. After I add the top coat, my lashes look super long, super black, slightly clumpy (which I don't hate), and a little spidery at the ends (which I don't love). There is fall out, but only a little bit here and there of the fuzz that is easily wiped away. The gel doesn't flake or smudge at all. I have only gotten a piece of fuzz in my eye was annoying but not painful (though I am not a contact lens wearer! That may make a difference!). Removal was VERY easy and everything came off from a swipe of my cotton pad wit

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