Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded May 4, 2017

This primer sample came in my April 2017 Sephora Play. I think I now have about 6 of these primer samples in my makeup drawer!!! This seems to be THE sample to give out when it comes to primers! Not that I am complaining too is a good primer for my oily skin. It is a thick gel and is very silicon feeling. It is easy to apply with fingers and smooths out the skin nicely. I haven't found a foundation yet that it won't work well with. It, unfortunately, won't last the whole day with my oily skin. I find myself getting oily again around dinner time, but most days that is all the time I really need. A tube like this will last around 3 weeks covering my little face. It doesn't take much (maybe a nickel-sized blob) to get the job done. Not at all a bad primer. But I don't need to buy a full size since I have so many samples!!!

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