Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded May 18, 2017

This lip plumper sample came in my May 2017 Sephora Play. I really like this plumper!!! It has that weird peppery smell that they all have, but instead of a burning tingle, it has a cooling tingle that I am LOVING! It is like I put an ice-pack and vapo-rub on my lips. It is a nice clear gloss that sits very beautifully over other lipsticks without messing them up. The glossy shimmer makes my lips look healthy, soft, and juicy. Still not sure any of these lip plumpers do anything to make my lips bigger?!? I took a before and after picture (swipe to see them) you notice a big difference??? But as a gloss I love it and am definitely considering buying a full size!!!


Grande Lips

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Lip Plumper Sample