Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded June 2, 2017

The Fiona Stiles line was leaving Ulta and everything was on sale, so I thought I would give the concealer a try. First off, the packaging is VERY elegant. The heavy glass square with the indented dark purple top looks so pretty...but it makes it look like you are getting a bit more product than you do! The formula is very creamy and pretty thick (which I like). The shade is VERY light (maybe too light) and leans pink...which I am thinking may make a better color corrector than a Concealer? The BIG problem with this concealer is that it sinks into my fine lines almost immediately!!! Looking at the swatch on my hand is bad enough. It creases and therefor looks very cakey. It is too bad because I like the coverage. I haven't found a primer or setting powder yet that stops this from happening. Such a bummer, I had pretty high hopes. But I am not giving up playing with it yet!!! For now, though, I have to give it a low rating. 😔
First hand swatch shows it out of the pot, second is blended in.


Fiona Stiles

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Full Cover Perfect Finish Concealer

Ma KeymaJune 25, 2017

@KermitsBanjo Hi Amanda. I usually apply, very little, with an ELF concealer brush, the fluffy one. I hope that this helps.😀


@MaKeyma Thanks so much for the tip!!!

Ma KeymaJune 28, 2017

@KermitsBanjo Oh no problem😀 I hope it helps😀