Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded June 7, 2017

I was charged with the task of making a quilt square for a family quilt made for my husband's grandmother (of course I didn't snap a picture of the quilt square before passing it on 😡). I ended up making the square by Swedish Weaving a square with purple variegated yarn...purple is grandma-in-law's favorite color. The square took all of a 1/16th of a skein of yarn and I had no need for purple yarn, so I decided to knit a scarf for her as well. But I was 1/2 a skein short of a full-sized scarf. I bought another skein and decided to crochet a matching simple hat too. I can't knit a hat, but crochet is much easier for round things!!! I used a simple pattern of increasing and decreasing HDCs with a 5mm needle and then did a simple scallop border to finish it off. The scarf was knitted on size 8 circle needles using a pattern I made up consisting of knit, Pearl, and 6-stitch cables. I am just hoping she likes it...she is SUPER picky!!!

Adorable I love purple! What type of yarn brand do you like to use?

@gemster12 Thank you. This was just Red Heart purchased at Walmart. I am not that picky about the yarn I use...but I have friends that are super hardcore and make their own!!! They are crazy!