Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded June 8, 2017

(DECLUTTERED: didn't love the shade and way too sweet smelling!). I grabbed this at the dollar store just for fun. I like the idea of a lipstick and gloss in one (handy for travel)...I know that LORAC came out with a few in the Pirates collection, but they are not $1!!! I am more of a fan of the gloss than the lipstick, but that may be because of the shade. The lipstick is a bright bubble-gum pink that always seem the emphasis the lines and cracks on my lips! The formula is creamy and comfortable, but not at all long lasting and does transfer. The lipstick has a sweet vanilla scent. The gloss is not thick or sticky but comfortable. It doesn't look like you get a ton of product and I might go through it pretty quick (certainly faster than the lipstick!!!). It is pretty much a clear shiny gloss with a peach & purple shift. It smells like a fake bubble gum flavor (like the kind that the pharmacy would add to penicillin). I don't love is a bit too sweet. It also has a bit of a cooling sensation when applied. The gloss and the lipstick don't always play well together. If the lipstick is looking a little junky or crusty, the gloss just makes it worse! But the gloss on its own is nice. I would say, over all, skip this $1 store bargain. The first lip swatch is the gloss by itself, then the lipstick by itself, then both together. Hand swatch shows lipstick by itself (bottom), gloss by itself (middle), & gloss on top of lipstick (top).

Year Made


Purchased From

Dollar Tree

Model Number

BLC822 Twinkle


Lip Gloss & Lipstick Duo


L.A. Colors