Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded June 17, 2017

This full sized nail polish came in my June 2017 Ipsy bag. I was excited to get this Polish since I don't own anything like this shade in my stash! I like the color, but not all that thrilled with the formula. The shade is a true royal blue...bright and summery. The formula applies nicely and is almost opaque on the first coat! However, it only seems to dry down half way. It feels like it is pretty dry after a few min, but it is totally deceiving! It stays tacky and "almost dry" for almost a half an hour before it finally sets!!! The problem is that I am an impatient person, and I can only wait around so long before I need to start using my nails again...and this is where I destroyed this polish! It just moves, chips, and dings too easily once you think it is totally dry (which you can see in the picture). (There is also some silver glitter on my pinky that is not from the Polish, but from making end-of-the-year teacher gifts with my kids! 😝) The nails didn't chip for quite a while...if you can keep them looking good long enough to dry throughly, they last a long time! So, I like the shade and the application of this polish, but not very impressed with the dry-time.
Pic shows two coats and a top coat. Not sure how I feel about it on my toes?!? FYI: it does stain the nails and the fingers during removal!!!




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NP07 Atlantis At Night

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