Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded June 20, 2017

This primer sample came in my June 2017 Sephora Play. I wanted to like this product, but moisturizing primers do not mix well with oily skin! It smells nice with a very subtle sweet coconut scent. It has a shimmery peach-like tint to it, very similar to most illuminating primers. I have used and enjoyed this as a moisturizer applied before my mattifying primers. It is very cooling, hydrating, & illuminating. But when I use this as my sole primer, I am a greasy/oily mess by lunch time!!! So for me, nice moisturizer but bad primer. I most likely would not by a full size.
First hand swatch is the product right out of the tube, second is it blended into the skin and partially dried down.

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Coconut Skin Smoothie


Priming Moisturizer Sample


First Aid Beauty