Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded July 23, 2017

(DECLUTTERED: I tried to use it up, even though I didn’t love it...but eventually I had to just give up!). So, everyone and their mother is talking about how great this mascara, of course, I had to try it. This is just one of those weird times where it works for everyone else but me (like Too Faced's melted peony)!!! I should have listened more closely when everyone started comparing it to Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara. That one doesn't work for me either. At least this L'Oreal version doesn't have whatever ingredient I am allergic to!!! But even still, this mascara is just ok for me. I accidentally got the waterproof version the first time and thought that maybe that was the problem...but I have since bought the non-waterproof version and it is still not amazing (but it is easier to remove!!!). The brush is a big, fluffy hourglass shape that you would think would do an amazing job of coating the lashes and creating volume, but it really doesn't. It does, however, do a nice job of fanning out the lashes! There isn't any flaking or smudging and both H2O Proof and regular sty put all day! The packaging is so pretty and my favorite part!!! I am going to use this tube up, but I don't think I will purchase another. I may keep the waterproof one around though, since that is the only waterproof mascara currently in my collection.

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I LOVE this stuff BUT does yours get all kinds of goo gathered around the top? Drives me bananas 🍌

Amanda Hird ArsenaultAugust 30, 2017

@BlackbirdScraps YES! I have to scrape it off on the rim before I go at my lashes!!!