Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded July 31, 2017

I went into Khols with $10 in Khols cash thinking I would get a full size of the Pür Fully Charged mascara...but I left with this brush instead. I talked myself out of the mascara since I have so many samples at home to use up. But I saw this brush and thought "I have nothing like that and it looks perfect for highlight!". It is not a cheap brush...Pür brushes are all more than $20. But with the Khols cash, I thought it was worth giving a try. It is a very soft brush and the bristles are not as densely packed as I would like, but it is small and tapers to a nice point. It says on the packaging that it can be used for highlight, blush, or bronzer. It seems too small and pointy for blush or bronzer...but maybe for contouring? I do love it for highlight, but because it is a softer blush, you do need to build up the powder (even the brightest of highlights) if you want the super-glow you know I love!

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