Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded July 31, 2017

(REPURCHASED: in anticipation of next year’s beach season!!!) This oil sample came in my June 2017 Sephora Play. I am usually not a fan of oils (since I am an already oily girl) or rose-scented things, but I love OUAI as a brand...and this one surprised me. I took it with me on my beach trip this year. It turned out to be the perfect thing to put on the ends of my hair after the rinse-off shower I took after time at the beach! I really enjoyed it as a body oil and used it in place of my moisturizer (since mine ran out after day-one!). I don't love rose scents but this one was light (though not subtle) and didn't give me a headache like most rose things do. I would definitely consider purchasing a full-size if there is another beach trip in my future!!! I love how well this multi-tasked!




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