Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded August 21, 2017

This mini sponge came in my August 2017 Sephora Play. I love mini sponges! I get a multi pack of Real Technique mini sponges and use them daily. So I was happy to try the Beauty Blender version! These tiny sponges are perfect for blending in under eye concealer and for contouring. You all know I struggle with my under eye I use these little sponges religiously!! They do a great job (wet or dry) to pounce in the concealer without hurting the thin skin in that area. All that being said, I still like the Real Techniques minis better! I have tiny little baby hands and this Beauty Blender sponge is too small for me to have good control...I can't imagine the struggle an "average handed" person would have?!? These are tiny compared to the RT mini and the full tear-drop shape of the BB is not as handy as the sliced tear-drop shape (with a flat, more precise blending side) of the RT mini. I am happy to have and use this little guy, but I am going to stick with my less $$ Real Technique sponges.

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