Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded August 21, 2017

This foundation Stick sample came in my August 2017 Sephora Play. It is great to have a foundation sample in a subscription box...a whole lot better that it is a good shade match!!! I wonder how they decided that one?!? I have never tried a Stick foundation before and was excited to give it a go! I like the application of it: a swipe here and a swipe there, then blend in with a brush or sponge. No getting the hands/fingers dirty! The formula is soft, easy to apply and blend, and very pigmented. This is a medium to full coverage foundation...which is not my favorite. It does look like you have makeup on and can look cakey if you over apply. My biggest issue with this one is that it is not the best for oily skin!!! My oils start to show through very early on and my skin almost immediately feels greasy (though it doesn't look it). By the end of the day, my oils will have almost completely broken the foundation down, no matter what primer I use or how I set it! By day's end I am an oily mess. It is still summer, so I might try this out again in winter and see if it works better when it is a bit drier? The shade is pale enough that I think I can make it work in winter. This is a tiny sample, but I don't need much to cover my face since I don't like full I can see this little Stick lasting me a good couple of weeks if used every day! I am happy I got to try this out, but I am positive I won't buy the full size. I do want to give more Stick foundations a try though!
First face picture is the foundation newly applied, second is the oily mess by the end of the day.

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Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick Sample



LizAugust 28, 2017

I recently got a deluxe size of the new Tarte foundation stick & it has changed my life lol! Application is sooo easy. I recommend you give it a try one day, the coverage is on the light to medium side but it's buildable. It's not the best foundation I've used for oily skin but it's definitely not the worst either. Nowhere near as bad as the IT cosmetics solid serum foundation. It also looks so natural like you don't have any makeup on.

Amanda Hird ArsenaultAugust 28, 2017

@hairbylizs Thank you for the recommendation!!!