Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded September 18, 2017

This full sized nail polish came in my September 2017 Ipsy bag. This is an odd shade!!! It is a grey that leans an army green. I don’t usually like green shades on me, but this one is so washed out that I think I can make it work? I keep looking at my nails to decide if I like it or not...and each time my answer is different! This means I don’t love this shade, but I don’t think I hate either? The formula is very thin and I am not sure that two coats made the color opaque enough. Ideally, I would have added a third coat, but you know me...lazy! Funny enough, I actually did a good job painting with this polish and only got it on my nails (for the most part)!!! So that is my favorite part about this polish. Pictures show two coats and a top coat.
I am pretty sure that I like this shade on my first I didn’t, but I think I have changed my mind. It is light enough of a shade that I think you could wear this anytime of year and i will look good!

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Adesse NY

BlackbirdScraps (Laura D)September 28, 2017

I got this in my Ipsy as well and think I'm gonna start with my toenails first.

Amanda Hird ArsenaultSeptember 29, 2017

@BlackbirdScraps I think it is going to look better on the toes?? This shade is so weird...but I am glad I got it instead of another pink.