Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded September 18, 2017

This full sized Blush Duo came in my September 2017 Ipsy bag. I am really enjoying this little duo! The Powder is silky soft, has finely milled glitter/shimmer, and is very easy to blend. I have been treating this as a Blush & highlight duo. I use the very shimmery pinky peach side as a blush and the gold side as the highlight. The blush doesn't really need the highlight, if you don't want, since it is so glowing in its own...but if you want to be seen from space, add the highlight side! Or you can mix them together for a golden peach blush and/or highlight. I find that the blush color doesn't last all day, but the shine from the powders does. This is a more subtle blush on my pale skin. Someone with deeper skin tones would have to mix the two shades to really make it show. In the end, this may be too shimmery for a blush and I may just label this as a blush topper or a highlight, but I still really enjoy it no matter what I end up deciding it is!!!
Hand swatch shows: Top is just the golden side, middle is just the peachy side, and bottom is both blended together.

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Peach Honey


Beauty Blush Duo


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