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(DECLUTTERED: WAY too difficult to work with!!!). This liquid Shadow and glitter duo sample came in my September 2017 Sephora Play. I am just not talented a makeup applier to make this one totally work!!! The cream is pretty (though I have Revlon and L'Oreal cream shadows that are almost exact dupes). It applies with a doe foot applicator, is very creamy, and is easiest to blend out with your fingers. It is VERY metallic! A very pretty light rose-gold shift that is actually pretty every-day wearable if you sheer it out. The glitter, however, gives me problems! It is applied with a little plastic spatula from a pretty well-sealed opening. There is fall out EVERYWHERE!!! It is a very fine glitter but it comes off the paddle in a very clumpy way. The problem is that once it mixes with the cream Shadow or the glitter glue Primer, it is impossible/very difficult to spread it out evenly on the lids! As you start spreading (I find my fingers, again, works best, and in a rubbing motion...not a patting one) the glitter goes everywhere! Removing at the end of the day was actually not too bad, though it was still all over my face.
The first time trying it out I just used the cream Shadow to adhere the glitter to the lids. The second day I used the glitter, over the cream, over a glitter glue Primer. The third day I tried the glitter only over the glitter glue (what a mess!). The last day I just did the cream Shadow on its own.
How to Apply: Put on liquid formula first, then pat the glitter on top.
The hand swatches show: Top is the glitter and the cream, middle is just the glitter, bottom is just the cream. The face pictures show the glitter over the cream (along with a cheek picture to show fallout!), the glitter just over a glitter Primer, then finally the cream on its own.


Touch In Sol


Glitter Shadow Duo Sample

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