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(DECLUTTERED: the packaging is very annoying and I just don’t like the product enough to mess with it!!!). This was part of a goodie bag stuck into my windshield wipers by a Mary Kay consultant while I was running a race. It came with her business card, an offer for a free facial w/purchase, this lip cream sample, and a pink Starburst. This sample is cute and a fun idea...but once you open it, man is it annoying!!! The sample comes with a tiny square of lip cream (enough to las someone like me a few weeks...if not longer!) and a tiny doe-foot applicator. I like the tiny applicator because I like how precise my application is...I hate the tiny applicator because it keeps falling out of the packaging and I loose it (most recently down the drain)! I have tried using my lip stick brushes to, but they are bigger and harder to get into the tiny square of product and harder to get a nice application on the lips. I have since resorted to my fingers for application. This give me a more sheer coverage and takes longer to build up, and is also not as hygienic, but much less frustrating!!! This is why I am not a fan of in-the-pan lip products. The product itself is nice. It is very creamy and very comfortable, it does transfer, and is not long wearing at all. I find I need to reapply every few hours if I want the full impact of the shade. The color is very nice: it is a shimmery red (that leans a fuchsia pink) that will look amazing around the holidays, but is not so shimmery that you couldn’t wear it to work. I am impressed that this shimmery lip color doesn’t make my lips look at all cracked and dry like most shimmers & metallics points to Mary Kay on that one! It will stain the lips slightly a deeper pink. I am not sure I would hunt down a Mary Kay rep just to purchase the full size knowing full well they will just try to get me to buy more stuff! Plus, I would only want it if it came in a tube/bullet, not in a pan! So I will enjoy this sample, but I

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