Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded October 23, 2017

I am constantly hearing about Fix+ as being THE spray for foiling shadows. Now that MAC is at Ulta (and these little bottles are at the “danger zone” travel-section next to the registers, I had to pick it up and try it! It is a very cute and tiny bottle (1 fl oz). The sprayer has a locking mechanism...great for travel! The sprayer is a nice fine mist and the product smells lightly of citrus. As a setting spray, it is nice but nothing amazing. It is a little runny and drippy if you spray too close to your be sure to hold the bottle far from your face (or brush)!!! As a foiling spray, it seems to make the shades darker and therefor more intense. It does seem to keep the shadow in place better if you spray the bush before applying the shadow, but it becomes really hard to blend. You need to know where and how much you are applying before hand because you will be stuck with it! The shimmer does seem to also be more intense with the spray. The problem, of course, comes with double-dipping the wet brush into the shadow pan...there is a good chance it will create hard-pan! Otherwise, I am not obsessed with this spray, but I am certainly not disappointed either!
The first two eye pictures is Lorac’s Rosé not foiled and just over a primer. The second two eye pictures is Lorac’s Rosé foiled (sprayed on the brush) with Fix+. The arm swatch picture shows Rosé on top by itself and on the bottom with Fix+.

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