Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded January 3, 2018

This color-changing Polish was given to me by my Sister-in-Law for Christmas. First impression is that this nail polish is very stinky!!! More so than others. In the bottle, this polish is purple in color. My impression is that when the formula is cold, the polish is a deep purple. When the formula is warm, the shade shifts to an aquamarine/teal color. It is not a very long lasting polish and it will begin to chip within the first few days of wearing it (even with a good top coat). It is sheer and need at least two coats but three would be ideal. A top coat will not effect the color changing as far as I can see. This is not the best formula, but the color change is fun and the colors are nice.
*Swipe for both cold and warm nails. Pictures show two coats and a top coat. Looks good on the toes too. You can see the color change happening in the second toes picture.

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Midsummer’s Night


Mood Nail Polish


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