Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded January 29, 2018

Of the three new highlights that I recently purchased, this one is surprisingly my favorite! I was a sucker for the crazy packaging of this highlight...that’s always how Too Faced gets me!!! I loved the idea of a giant diamond highlight in an engagement ring type of box! It is so crazy bulky, especially if you keep the ring box inside the outer box!!! This highlighter is HUGE and would take forever to go through (unless the pan is deceptively shallow?). I was excited mostly because reviews said this was a frosty white highlight (that you know I am obsessed with right now) with different shifts depending on the marbling in the Diamond...which reminds me of spilled oil! The concern is that every swatch/application will be different leaving two different cheeks. I haven’t had that problem yet. So far, every time I apply it, it looks white with a blue-purple shift. I do see pinks and greens in the highlighter, but they don’t come across on the face. The highlight is not subtle, but it isn’t super intense either. It is pretty perfect!!! And, to top off this great review, this highlighter lasts all day (even with my super oil skin! This was a great impulse buy for me!!!

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