Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded February 16, 2018

This was an impulse buy at 5 Below. I saw the shiny rainbow unicorn handles and thought “too fun to pass up”. These are a you-get-what-you-pay-for set. The brushes and the handles are cheap. The handles are a hollow, light weight plastic. The bristles are not held in well and shed on the two “bigger” brushes (which are really not big at all). The two eye brushes seem to be made a bit better...which is good because they were the two I really wanted. The bristles are soft and I love that they have purple tips. These brushes are tall and tower over my standard e.l.f. and Real Techniques brushes. The crease brush may not be the best I have ever used, but it gets the job done. The shadows go on pigmented but the blending is not amazing (not bad, but not great either). The shadow packing brush is a little stiff...I would prefer it to be just a little more fluffy. Like the other eyeshadow brush, it does the job but there is no blending with this one. The angled face brush is the better made of the two powder brushes. I tried it with both blush and bronzer and had the same problem with it as the eye brushes: powders were opaque but couldn’t blend. This is more of a problem with blush/bronzer because I don’t want clown-face and had to bring in another brush to blend everything out. It turned out to be my least favorite of the set (which surprised me). The other powder brush is not that amazing to look at: it has a very boring and almost useless looking shape (not quite flat, not quite rounded) compared to the other brushes. This one also looks the least well-made and has the most uneven and shedding bristles. At first, I used it for bronzer...but this brush was not as good at picking up product as the other brushes. So I had to build up the color, which took a while. I was going to give up on this one and call it a dud, but than I thought I would try it with highlighter. It turned out to do a nice job applying my more intense highlights (OFRA!!!) while


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