Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded March 5, 2018

This makeup brush wearable cleaner pad came in a kit that I picked up at 5 Below because I wanted the brush...the others were just an added bonus. I do use a textured silicone mat to clean my brushes. It is a trivet from the kitchen section of Target and does the job really well. So, I am not sure need this guy? Maybe for travel? To use it, you just slip it over a couple of fingers and then soap up your brush and rub it all over the textured side to get a good deep clean (then rinse, of course). First off, I have tiny fingers and I can just squeeze two fingers an average or big-fingered person may have issues. The other issue is that I use both hands when washing: one to hold the brush and the other to apply soap and manipulate the bristles in order to really get the soap in and out of the brush. With this thing on, I loose a hand!!! But, in a pinch, this tool works great and does its job (which is all you can ask for). It seems to help remove all the makeup from the matter what soap I end up using. I do like and will definitely throw it in my travel bag to use on-the-go!

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Silicone Cleansing Pad


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