Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded March 21, 2018

This full sized lip oil came in my March 2018 Ipsy bag. This is a large size and can potentially last a very long time. This formula is thick but not sticky or tacky...which is awesome! The thickness really helps in hydrating the lips and it stays on for quite a while while it absorbs into the skin. Though there is a slight pink tint it the oil, it goes on clear. It does leave a shiny lipgloss sheen on the lips for a good hour or two. You can reapply if you are just going for the shiny, wet look. I don’t recommend adding a liquid or cream lipstick over top. I also don’t recommend layering this on top either (smearing WILL happen!). This is a product that you wear on its own or to bed. I always put on a lip mask or oils before a workout and my lips look very healthy by the end! It does make a difference in the cracks and dryness of the lips. I am very happy to have received this and will put it to good use!!!

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Steve Laurant