Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded March 21, 2018

(DECLUTTERED: it didn’t do anything for me. 😔) This volumizing hair spray sample come in my March 2018 Sephora Play. I love volumizing products because I have such thin, fine hair. I was excited to try out this sample! However, so far I am not impressed. 😔. I think that it is because the formula lacks grit and there for doesn’t have anything to create volume. The sprayer is nice and creates a fine mist. The product smells like citrus (grapefruit maybe?). You are supposed to apply this to your hair before blow drying, and this might be my problem with this product since I tend to let my hair air dry. But even when air drying, volumizing products do something...this one, however, doesn’t seem to do anything for my hair. Maybe if you have full hair and just need a little more thickness this would work better? It doesn’t leave your hair feeling gritty and won’t weigh down your hair at all. So if you are looking for a light, hardly-there product, this will be great. Unfortunately, I need much more.




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