Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded April 14, 2018

I love all the Disney Etsy shops!!! I browse them all the time...looking for unique items that spark my interest. Muppet themed things, of course, are my favorite! I have been eyeing these particular ears for quite a while. Now, Animal is not my favorite of the Muppets...that honor goes to Kermit (shocker, I know! 😝), but green looks bad with my skin tone and the Kermit “ears” that I own look terrible on me. 😔. But I love wearing red!!! And these ears are the most Muppet-y I have ever seen!!! I love that it is just the eyes, nose, and fluff!!! These boa feathers make these ears perfect! Plus, Patti did an amazing job making exact felt Muppet eyes (out of sparky felt none-the-less). The little tuft of Orange fluff in the back is perfect too. The ears and the headband are made from a classic-red sequins material. I do have a few issues with these ears, but it is no fault of the designer!!! Issue one: I have a tiny head and these ears are HUGE! They look massive on me. But this is a price I am willing to pay to look Muppet-fabulous! Issue two: my head is just not made for headbands. I have an almost perfect circle for a head and headbands tend to either slip backwards and right off my head and/or the band ends dig into my temples (OUCH)! Issue three: the sequins in the red fabric scratch and are very uncomfortable. I have heard that this is a common issue with all sequins ear headbands! The good thing about the sequins is that they get stuck in my hair and that keeps the band from sliding off my head!!! You win some you lose some. These are hand crafted and custom designed...therefor they are not cheap!!! But I think they are as perfect as they can be and so I think it was worth the investment!!! Plus, there is a good chance that I will be the only one in the parks on any given day with these ears! I am very happy with these beauties!!! ❤️


Ever After By Patti


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