Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded May 14, 2018

Sometimes I buy things I don’t really need because of the packaging. I am ashamed...I am such a sucker! I have white and red nail polish. But, but, but...Mickey!!! And that “glitter” polish with the silver mini Mickey heads is so cute (even though I know from experience that these “glitters” are super hard to work with!). So Target can just take all my $$$. 💸💸
The shades don’t have specific names. The red is not quite a “classic” red because it does lean slightly orange and has a warm-tone. Both the white and the red are VERY opaque and you can get away with one coat (which is super impressive!!!)! The silver Mickey “glitter” pieces are crazy hard to get onto the brush! And they are also tricky to place on the nail...I tend to mess up the polish underneath when I place them on. But they look cute once they stick and dry. Unfortunately, the glitter is the one thing that doesn’t last on the nails. These silver Mickeys tend to peel off after only a day or two (and usually because they don’t lay flat and they snag on clothing). The red and white polishes! Not only are they super opaque, but they have an amazing wear time!!! I didn’t notice chipping until several days after applying!!! Call me impressed! So, if you are looking for a new red or white nail polish, this set is worth considering. But if you are only buying it for the glitter, you may be a little disappointed.
Picture shows two coats of the red and white, one coat of the “glitter” polish as a top coat w/out the Mickey.
I have learned, from applying it on the toes, that a cluster of Mickey “glitter” looks worse than a single Mickey head (which looks more clean and classic). Also, I noticed chipping on the toes much quicker than on my fingers (see pictures)...which is weird because usually polish usually lasts longer on my toes than on my fingers (and this one is so good on the fingers!!!). Really weird?



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