Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded May 17, 2018

(UPDATE: It didn’t take long for the pictures of Mickey and Minnie to start wearing off!!! This happens with all of my Disney flip I am not all that surprised.). Sometimes it is great being tiny! I saw these flip flops on line while perusing the new Mickey Mouse collection on Target’s app. I love the design and the light pink & cream colors...but then I realized they are kid’s flip flops. Thank goodness I have tiny feet (5 1/2 in woman’s) and I was sure that if I got an XL, they would fit! And honestly, they are just a hair big. So if you are a woman’s size 6, you could rock an XL too! These are pretty cheap flip flops made of soft but (most likely) not very durable rubber. They are very comfortable and not stiff at all! There is a pretty good tread on the soles. The design is a grey-black silhouette of Mickey Mouse on the right foot reaching out to hold Minnie Mouse’s hands on the left foot. The background color is mostly cream with a splash of light blue and light pink near the toes. The band is a soft, flexible light pink plastic. I have bought flip flops like this in the past and they tend to last through only a summer or two before the wear gets pretty bad and they become unwearable...but for $10 of Mickey cuteness, it is worth it to me!

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Girl’s Size XL (6)


Mickey ❤️ Minnie Flip Flops