Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded June 14, 2018

I can’t tell if this shade is a glitter top coat or a stand-alone glitter shade?!? It is very sheer and I can still see the nail through both coats...but the glitter is so intense that in the right light it looks more opaque from the sparkle of it. This polish is a glitter with a clear coat base. The glitter is pink and sliver, and against my pink-hue skin it looks like a neutral glitter shade (if that makes any sense?). I kind of like it on its own because it is sparkly but still understated. Because it is a glitter polish, it does leave the texture of the nail feeling gritty, but it also makes the polish stay in place longer. And you know I love the formula: easy to apply, quick to dry, and lasts a good while before chipping. And always a great $!!!
I do like it by itself on the toes. It is almost a neutral shade but then adds the fun sparkle with the glitter! I need at least two coats for it to show up on the toes because it really is subtle. I am really enjoying it as a summer flip-flop wearing color!




The Gel Nail Polish

Model Number

86 My Sparkling Darling

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Christmas Tree Shop

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