Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded June 14, 2018

This is one of my new glitter polishes from Essence. I have several gold glitter and chrome polishes from other brands that I love, and I wanted to see how this one stacks up! It is pretty sheer and will require more than one coat if this is all you are wearing (as a top accent coat, you really only need one). Like the other glitter polish, it looks like a subtle nude shade until the light catches it just right and you see the sparkle! This made it a bit hard to get a good picture of here! I like that it isn’t a super disco glitter and that you can get away with it as an everyday shade. Even with a top coat seal, the polish still feels gritty on the nails, so be aware if you are sensitive to texture! Just like all the rest of the line, the formula is great! It applies easily, dries pretty quick, and lasts a decently long time. I am really digging this polish and definitely think it is worth $2!!!
I like this on my toes too. When the light reflects, it sometimes looks chipped or faded but it isn’t.
Picture shows two coats and a top coat.

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The Gel Nail Polish