Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded June 14, 2018

Puravida has some new packaging this month! The mailer is the same, but everything was in a paper envelope inside the mailer (pink and floral with the Puravida logo on it). We still received an invoice, the post card, and a sticker...and the trio, of course. This month the bracelets were held together with the same kind of packaging hang-tag that you would find at a box store. Getting fancy, Puravida! The other difference I noticed was that the floss was not as waxy or sticky as they usually are. This doesnโ€™t make any difference in their quality...just not the norm. The first bracelet is a multi strand of mint green. We have gotten a strand almost exactly like this before, but this one is just a tad brighter in color and has white at the knot instead of being monochromatic. The second is a light lavender purple braided double strand with both silver and mauve seed beads and a center medallion that is silver and embossed with a starfish. The last bracelet is a bit different from what we usually get. It is a single strand of a mauve floss filled with pearl-like seed beads and a couple of mauve beads in between. However, also loosely attached to the mauve floss is a delicate silver chain that is just a bit bigger and therefor hangs down just below the mauve chain. This looks nice on the arm...but to me it screams ankle bracelet!!! I took a picture of it on my ankle...what do you think???

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June 2018


Bracelet Trio