Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded June 19, 2018

This mini mascara came in my 2018 Sephora Play. I was excited to try this mascara on first impression because of the big fluffy bristled wand. The formula is wet and it does take some work to apply and some time to dry. The formula does begin to get pretty clumpy within a few weeks of use. This makes the product even harder to work with...but it does creat some great volume. I can’t tell if I like it at its clumpy stage or not?!? It will stay in place on nice days, but the hottest summer day causes it to flake and smudge. This mascara does not respond well to sweat! It is not waterproof, though it doesn’t claim to be. I am on the fence with this mascara. Love the brush but the formula is a bit too much work for me.

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