Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded July 2, 2018

Of all the Etsy ears I have...these are the BEST!!! The reason is because these are much smaller than my other pairs and just have a nicer fit on my small head. The headband is soft and very flexible...which means no headaches!!! The ears are made of foam instead of heavy wire making the whole headband light weight (which also keeps away the headaches). The band is also fabric-lined, which keeps it from sliding off. These are smaller over all, so perfect for little kid-sized heads like mine. The ears are a glittery black sequence. There is a big green bow that is detailed with a Starbucks logo ribbon. The designer then put a smaller gold glitter sequins bow in front of that and topped it off with a plastic white coffee cup button decal in the center. These ears are perfect for a Disney-loving Starbucks addict like me!!! The seller shipped these ears out less than a week after the order was turnaround time is amazing. She has mostly ears and a few bows...all Disney themed and all very cute! These are my favorite headband ears and if I get any more ears, it will probably be from this shop!!! Highly recommend (especially if you have a little head like me)!

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